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The AartWorks Project: Connecting The Great Lakes State Through Art

Kate Roos, the founder of The Aartworks Project, with her Why I Love Michigan trailer From ages two to ninety-two, there is something most Michiganders have in common… they love it here. Ann Arbor-based company, The AartWorks Project, took to the road this summer to find out why. Kate Roos, an art therapist, has devoted her life to using art as a means for healing and community building. In 2014, Roos founded The AartWorks Project, an umbrella arts organization committed to promoting creativity, community, and change, through art. Since moving from Chicago to Ann Arbor 19 years ago, Kate has been fascinated by Michiganders’ pride and enthusiasm for their state. When you ask a Chicagoan where

So Long, Suburbs: The Gentrification of Chicago

I’ve been to Chicago countless times since leaving there in 1995, even opening an office there for my previous firm. It was only when I was recently visiting my son Ben and his girlfriend Emma there and reliving life as a 20-something through them that I gained a full appreciation of how that city has been transformed. I’ve been aware of Chicago’s increasing gentrification and how the popular walking neighborhoods like Lincoln Park had expanded their influence west, north, and south to new areas of the city, but only when walking with Ben and Emma through Wicker Park, Bucktown and even neighborhoods like Pilsen did I realize the extent of the change, how exciting this is, and how it serves a

Nuanced Innovation in Consumer Packaged Goods

Having spent years working on consumer brands in “low involvement” categories where people devote little conscious thought to their purchase and consumption behaviors, I have seen a tendency for those in charge of brand innovation to rely on “out-of-the-box thinking” to identify new opportunities that will hopefully bring excitement and growth to their businesses. After personally experiencing many different approaches to innovation, it has become clear to me that understanding where the box is in the first place is critical, and the challenge to unlocking real growth is more in expanding the box rather than ignoring it. Understanding and expanding the box requires a discipline that, unfortu

Making it in Michigan – The Success of LiveSmart

GLGW congratulates the Michiganders who were inspired by their active lifestyles to create the wholesome LiveSmart nutrition bar. Read about their story from the MSU Product Center below! For the mother and daughter duo Maggie and Violet that crafted the first LiveSmart bar at home, all of the energy bars that complemented their active lifestyles always seemed too complicated. They were looking for wholesome ingredients in bars and options for their friends and families with allergies and dietary restrictions.The concept of a whole food bar that used all-natural, raw ingredients to fuel their family seemed too easy not to try, and LiveSmart was born. They have grown since their kitchen conce


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