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Turning to “Paradise” for equitable growth in Detroit

Rodrick T. Miller, President and CEO of the Detroit Economic Growth Corporation (DEGC) recently wrote the below article discussing how the city of Detroit and private sector organizations are working together to help promote equity and inclusion throughout Detroit’s business community. The development of Paradise Valley Cultural and Entertainment District is a great example of how government is used as a catalyst to support, uplift and grow small businesses. Thus, we at Great Lakes GrowthWorks say congratulations to the city of Detroit, DEGC and others in taking extraordinary steps to grow Detroit’s local economy in ways that promote equity and inclusion. In the first half of the 20th Centur

Comedians: Masters of Insight

I recently attended the 2015 annual QRCA conference in Orlando, which again proved to be three days of learning, sharing, meeting new friends, and visiting with fellow researchers I hadn’t seen since the last conference. For those unfamiliar with QRCA, it is the Qualitative Research Consultants Association, an organization for consultants involved in the design and implementation of qualitative research. Its goal is to “promote excellence in the field of qualitative research by pooling experience and expertise to create a base of shared knowledge.” The content of the conference covered a wide range of topics. Some that you would expect, such as the evolving nature (and prevalence) of online

Creating Meaningful Engagement in the Attention Economy

Scrolling through my newsfeed this morning, I saw nothing of note: cat GIFs, an aspiring actor asking friends to vote on his new headshots, Trump memes, “top 10 things to do in [insert city] this fall” lists, and a slideshow of butternut squash recipes. I clicked on a few links, skimmed, closed out of articles I deemed “tiring” (anything longer than a few paragraphs, and certainly anything longer than one page), and Pocket-ed one “for later” (read: never). What did I learn? Nothing. Except I may make that squash and ricotta toast this weekend. How much time did I spend? I checked the clock – 45 minutes, and that’s just one voyage into the matrix of the several I’ll make today. As far back as

Rational or Irrational Consumers…What’s the Truth?

As a market researcher and consultant, from time to time I’ve been posed this question: "Don’t we know that what consumers say they do and what they actually do is different? What’s the point of research if we can’t really believe what they tell us?” Fair question, I think, and one that deserves an answer. So how to respond? Is there value in doing research if it can’t help us understand what people really think and do? The field of Behavioral Economics has been gaining popularity in both the business world and market research community in the past decade or so, sparked by Daniel Kahneman, recipient of the 2002 Nobel Prize in Economics and author Thinking, Fast and Slow. I became more famili


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