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Occasion Based Marketing: Intercepting the Consumer on the Path to Purchase

I recently came across an article describing how Heineken is trying to gain competitive advantage over imported and craft beers by taking an occasion based approach to understanding and influencing consumer purchase and consumption. They have identified “touch points” along the path to purchase where they can influence selection decisions recognizing that the purchase drives frame of reference and sometimes even the channel vary by occasion. These occasions aren’t just the obvious ones like Christmas, which they describe as “events.” According to Shawn Fitzgerald, head of shopper intelligence for Heineken, occasions are "year round but definable” and in this case include: Relaxing at Home Ca

3 Ways to Tap Into What Really Matters to Millennials, and Obsessively Chasing Digital Natives Isn’t

So proud to share this thoughtful piece by former colleague Joanna Franchini. Joanna challenges the way marketers approach millennials – important food for thought! Marketers everywhere have been lured by the siren call of the millennial. Organizations across the globe are reshaping their portfolios, re-positioning their brands and shaking up their agency relationships as they jockey for the attention (and mythical cash) of this sexy but elusive cohort. Anointed both prophet and high priestess of the digital age, millennials, it seems, are the answer to everyone’s prayers. This obsession with millennials goes beyond just a fascination with what “kids today” think of as cool and important—an


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