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Crowdsourcing Innovation – Sparking a Conversation on Innovation with Consumers

Are you familiar with the J. Crew Pocket Dial? Well, if not, it is an iPhone case that doubles as an interchangeable silk pocket square. Pretty cool, right? We believe that this item is, indeed, a great product idea. But, the architect behind the birth of this product is even better–Jimmy Fallon, host of The Tonight Show. After simply observing the fashion-related challenges his male coworkers experienced struggling for a polished place to store and carry around their iPhones on a daily basis, Jimmy developed the idea for the J. Crew Pocket Dial. As he shared with his guests in 2015, when announcing the launch of this product during his show, “I just love coming up with ideas”. Well Jimmy, s

Phil’s Corner: Finding Purpose and Reconnection – and a New Kind of Company

I spent years running a successful innovation and growth strategy consulting firm. The work was interesting, I loved my colleagues and clients, and I got to visit parts of the world I never would have otherwise. But, despite all the activity and interaction, I ultimately felt disconnected. Our client work was largely national or global in scope, but had little to do with my local community. I had deep concern for the health of our planet and its people, but I had little time to do much to provide support or solutions. And, I struggled to find real meaning in my work. In fact, I struggled to find my own sense of purpose. After selling and ultimately leaving the firm, I dedicated myself to ree


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