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Phil’s Corner: Practice What You Preach

If you have been following my blog, Phil’s Corner, then you have been on a journey with me as I explored “purpose” in the following ways thus far: I first shared my personal story and what I see as the five key dynamics impacting our world and impacting me in a way that drove the start of Great Lakes GrowthWorks Then, I promised to explore each dynamic for you one-by-one, and I started with purpose as I felt it is one of the most complex and important dynamics shaping individuals and businesses today I started the exploration of purpose by providing an overview of what it means to me personally and how the simple task of “visiting my younger self” helped me and some of our clients to refine

Separate schools shouldn’t mean we can’t work together - The potential that can unlock when worlds i

As I look to further my explorations in research, now one month into my tenure with Great Lakes GrowthWorks, I am inspired by the potential that can emerge at the intersection of two worlds: Academia and Business. And, there is no place I see these worlds more strongly converging than in Market Research, as two pillars of support: the research side that is able to efficiently collect and process information, drawing from it the insights that spur on development, innovation and growth and the business side that takes those insights and turns them into actionable, tangible ideas. Although these two areas crucially intersect in our work, the reality is that building business knowledge / experie

Phil’s Corner: 5 Ways to Manifest Purpose in a Business

As discussed in my last blog entry, having a higher purpose is as important to the success, growth, sustainability, and overall “happiness” of business as it is for us as individuals. Several studies have shown that purpose-driven businesses are better at attracting and retaining talent, build more positive work environments, are attractive to customers, are good corporate citizens, and deliver superior (and sustainable) financial performance. But, once a business has defined a clear mission and purpose, how can it manifest it throughout the enterprise and imbed it in a way that drives the organization forward? I don’t mean to gloss over how best to arrive at and gain consensus on a company

Branding in the future, and the future is now

When I was a child I was a big fan of The Jetsons. At that time I didn’t realize the futuristic world Hanna-Barbera had created was meant to take place in the year 2062, I just knew that the idea of flying cars felt very, very far away. While we still have a lot of work to do to make a world like The Jetsons reality, a few brands in the news this year are strong representations that the future (or at least the of future of branding) has arrived. Here are just two examples of brands delivering the future in a way that will reshape categories and the role of loyalty. Amazon and the Dash Button: This past week Amazon expanded the number of brands it provides through its ultra convenient product


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