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3 Key Things to Keep in Mind about Global and Local

For a couple weeks, we’ve been exploring the Global/Local dynamic currently shaping our world. If you haven’t yet, I recommend taking a look at our previous posts here and here. To wrap (for now!) our exploration into the Global/Local dynamic, we want to leave you with three important takeaways: Global and Local aren’t static. They constantly evolve in relation and reaction to each other. Global (vast in reach or influence, with no clear story of locality) structures are adapted, hybridized, and reinvented a billion times over by the local (originating in or strongly connecting to a specific area or location) into a more efficient or more appealing local variant. Because they mutually consti

Small Words for Big Ideas: Unpacking the Global-Local Continuum and How It Drives Innovation

Great Lakes GrowthWorks straddles the local and the global. We’re passionate about Michigan, but we hail from a broad range of international experiences and we work with both big and small clients. In thinking about how both the global and the local fit in our model, it’s tempting to see them as two worlds apart. But really, the Global-Local is a continuum; one that we all experience and negotiate, consciously or not. Phil recently introduced some thoughts on this issue, and today we just want to dive in a little more and unpack these deceptively simple-sounding groups of the “Global” and the “Local” and how being aware of the ways they intersect helps GLGW access and guide their innovative

Marketing and Branding in a Post-Instagram World: A Dive into the Five Dynamics Shaping our World an

When it comes to social media, I have to admit that I think I have a reddit and Instagram addiction. But, despite being a fanatic, you might also call me a “lurker” (and to explain exactly what this means Wikipedia has a rather surprisingly extensive definition of what a lurker is). With a 16-month-old at home, my days of sitting down to watch the news, ads, or TV in general are long gone. Therefore, browsing reddit, “the front page of the internet,” or a curated list of topics, brands, and influencers of my choosing on Instagram is what keeps me in the know these days. So, as a big Instagram fanatic and long-time Instagram user, I am excited to be able to share that Great Lakes GrowthWorks

Phil's Corner: Global Meets Local – The Sweet Spot for Innovation

In the past several blog posts, I have been exploring the role of “higher purpose” in driving business success as well as personal fulfillment. Purpose was the first of five dynamics that I believe are shaping our world and creating new “rules of the road” for businesses and other organizations. The other four are: The marriage of global and local in all that is good The central role the environment, health and wellness play in everyday life and in our future The role of technology in driving accelerated opportunity and human evolution The emergence of a new breed of humans (aka consumers) In this post, I will try to at least scratch the surface on the incredibly complex topic of “global mee

7 Take-Aways from Great Lakes GrowthWorks’ Event on Purpose in Business

This Monday, Great Lakes GrowthWorks had the pleasure and the privilege of hosting a community discussion on “The Role and Impact of Infusing Purpose in Your Work” at our office on Main St. About fifty local entrepreneurs and friends joined us to explore ways of understanding purpose and incorporating it into our work. We welcomed four inspirational leaders to share their experiences and perspectives: Bill Brinkerhoff, founder of Argus Farm Stop; Esther Kyte, associate director of partner relations for the Center for Positive Organizations; David Myers, founder of Mighty Good Coffee; and Annie Rubin, founder of Steeps Fitness. Our panel of experts shared their valuable thoughts on how puttin


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