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From Kodak Moments to Instagram-Worthy: Implications of the Rise of the Visual Age

In a world that increasingly communicates through images, social media platforms like Instagram are changing the way we see and interact with the world…and with brands! Far more than just a tool for marketing, the rise of the visual age offers insights into the perspectives and needs of emerging consumers. When I was young, my world revolved around words, text, and language. As both student and teacher, my work was the art of communication, oral and written. But somewhere along the way, I found myself in a society driven by images. As an American in Japan, I lived with illiteracy and can tell you that you’d be surprised how much meaning you can convey when words are taken from you. Nowadays,

Smart Homes are the Smart Choice

I love my gadgets, probably more than the average person. In many aspects of my life, personal and professional, I love being “connected” and analyzing data, and my gadgets enable me to have more access to data and information than any person could possibly process in a 24-hour day. Whether it is the personal fitness stats enabled by my iWatch or map routing & distance performance metrics enabled by my GPS running watch, data is available anywhere and everywhere to keep me informed, help me change my behavior, and motivate me to progress. So, when it came to researching how to run a connected household and buying into the gadgets that could enable my family and household to operate a “Smart


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