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Innovation & Growth in a Tumultuous Age

After a tumultuous year that saw the Brexit vote and a paradigm-shifting U.S. election call into question common assumptions, I’ve been thinking a lot about the disruptions we all face – global, national, local, and within organizations and industries that drive our economy and future. And confronting this reality brought renewed purpose to my life and the role of the firm I started two years ago, leading me to a clear point of view and approach: Disruption is going to happen to us all, and we should plan on it sooner rather than later. One of the core elements driving these changes is technology, so it is fitting that Silicon Valley represents both a key source of disruption and a model [ev

Phil's Corner - Emerging Consumers

In this blog, I have been exploring five dynamics that I believe are shaping our world and creating new “rules of the road” for businesses and other organizations: How “higher purpose” has become table stakes for a successful enterprise The marriage of global and local in all that is good The central role the environment, health and wellness play in everyday life and in our future The role of technology in driving accelerated opportunity and human evolution The emergence of a new breed of humans (aka consumers) In this final entry, I share my perspective on a new world of consumers that is emerging, with different mindsets, values, and consciousness influenced by changing world dynamics. Whe

Growing, Innovating and Styling: Designing Offices That Reflect Who We Are

You may have heard - we recently expanded into a second suite, growing our office and further digging in our roots! With some of the work on it still in progress, we are pulling inspiration to design an office that supports the way we work and helps nurture the culture we strive for. Office environments and workplace culture across the globe are in rapid flux, totally breaking up the way businesses were not only run, but also thought of in the past. Working away in rows of cubicles, aspiring to a private space and eventually a corner office doesn’t stand up to the younger and growing workforce any longer. Much of the way we work now is more collaborative, open, and focused on sparking inspir

Millennials No More: 3 Reasons Why Marketers Shouldn’t Conflate Generation Z with Millennials

We’ve heard a lot about Millennials in past few years – what we like to eat (artisanal cheeses), how we like to shop (Amazon Prime), and how the high cost of rent in cities like San Francisco leads some of us to live in shipping containers. But Millennials’ time in the spotlight is ending soon because come the college graduating class of 2018 the next generation, named Generation Z which began in 1996, will begin entering the workforce. It’s easy for many people to use Millennial as a blanket term for young people today, even when the oldest Millennials have grade-school children and the youngest millennials, like myself, now have student loans to pay off post-college. Even reporting on ele


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