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Michigan: We Make Stuff!

The state of Michigan is a place in our shared American experience where we imagine things being made. GrowthWorks doesn’t just keep a pulse on where the country is headed, we’re right here where that heart beats. Those things that symbolize what is wholesome and comforting about daily life in Middle America, things like pickup trucks, breakfast cereal, and the Coney dog, well, those things come from Michigan. But don’t let rhetoric of the homey Midwestern heartland or tragic decay of the “Rust Belt” lead you astray, world-changing innovation comes from here too. A PROUD HISTORY OF INNOVATIVE INDUSTRY Henry Ford’s innovative moving assembly line dramatically reduced production time for an au

Made with Passion – the Creator / Maker Culture Continues to Grow

The individual human drive to make or create something with your own two hands hasn’t changed much over millennia, even if the objects created have. From stunning works of art to comforting family meals, humans derive satisfaction and pride from things made through their own efforts and ingenuity. Today, however, many of us feel disconnected from a global system of production, where our labor increasingly takes the form of service or intellectual tasks. Let’s be honest, a well-crafted PowerPoint report just doesn’t flip the same cerebral switches as carpentry or repairing an engine, and in the digital era both tools and results are far less tangible. Now rendered consumers rather than produc


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