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​​​​ Every year, America wastes a startling amount of food and money, but it seems that there is a growing movement to conserve and repurpose. Part One explored some of the challenges and innovative solutions to food waste at the level of individual choice around initial purchases. But what to do about all the food is left over? These days more and more companies are finding delicious ways to give new purpose to byproducts and create a market to help unsold meals and unused ingredients find a home. ONE MAN’S TRASH IS ANOTHER’S TREASURE Foods repurposing byproducts are widely expected to be one of the biggest trends of 2017. Both in home and industrial kitchens, chefs are eagerly exploring th


When I moved to Japan, one of the first phrases I learned was “mottainai”: Don’t waste! Even coming from a very waste-averse family, I had never before felt such incredible pressure to clear my plate and use up every piece of produce I bought… a real challenge in the countryside where there’s someone around every corner waiting to gift you with a bag of locally grown fruit. Even my lunchbox was emblazoned with a reminder, “Mottainai!” It definitely changed my relationship with food. Yet as a single person who loves cooking, getting just the right amount of ingredients is one of my greatest struggles. It’s sickening – to both my values and my wallet – how many vegetables end up in the trash b

The Pulse - GrowthWorks Looks into the Latest Trends

You’ve heard from me in the past nine months working at GrowthWorks through certain blog pieces, but I’d like to officially introduce myself: I’m Jed, GrowthWorks’ “trend guy,” and this marks the first blog in a series of monthly posts where I’ll fill you in on the newest consumer and industry trends! I play an important role in our team here keeping us up to date on the latest happenings in everything from boutique fitness to kombucha to Uberization. In any industry, it’s important to stay on top of trends to inform new ventures and directions, but even more so in strategy and innovation consulting, where we are in the business helping our clients grow through an understanding of where the


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