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Consumer Conversations 5: Teachers Talk About Covid-19

We shifted focus with our consumer conversations this week, taking a different approach by talking to a less typical consumer cohort. As part of our goal to dig deeper and understand the pulse and sentiment of people right now, we wanted to bring to life the voice of teachers. As with parents whose first concern is for their children, teachers are first and foremost worried about their students. Most educators have had to make an immediate pivot to an online format, many without the best resources to do that. While they are worried about lost educational time, they are hopeful that many children and families are reflecting on what is important and taking a break from over-scheduled lives, so

Virtual Innovation. . . With Impressive Results

Online research and innovation methods provide deep insights and can be more cost effective than in-person methods. With Covid-19 disrupting most in-person work, virtual formats provide a critical path forward so organizations can continue needed innovation projects and maintain momentum at a time when in-market successes are needed the most. Innovation can and should move forward using online methodologies (if used sensibly and sensitively). Creating new products and services that meet consumers’ evolving needs during this challenging time can help them in their everyday lives...and improve your own growth trajectory. If you would like more information on how we help innovate - online or of

Consumer Conversations 4: Moms of Teens Talk About Covid-19

We turn our attention to moms of teens as our series of consumer conversations continues. Raising teenagers is typically never easy, and for many of the moms we talked to, that has been exacerbated by Covid-19 and the resulting quarantines, online schooling, and social distancing. Parents of teens are facing different challenges than parents of younger children, but they have some similar concerns and stress points. Bottom line, these moms are worried about how all this will play out for their kids, now and in the future. In many cases, they are also helping their own parents as well as figuring how to manage jobs and career security at the same time. There isn’t really a lot of time left fo

Consumer Conversations 3: Gen Z Talks About Covid-19

When we talked to Gen Z college students as part of our consumer conversation series, it was clear they were unsettled. As a generation of planners, they often have mapped out their goals, at least in theory, and know the steps needed to continue their hoped-for trajectories. How will they respond to the disruption just as they are navigating young adulthood and all the challenges that brings? How will their behavior change, and how can marketers help them as this all unfolds? Our topline insights (below) provide an overview of how they are feeling today and what might help them as they navigate their particular challenges. Reach out to Taylor Landeryou at taylor.landeryou@glgrowthworks.com

Consumer Conversations 2: Millennials Talk About Covid-19

GrowthWorks continues its series of online discussions, looking for deeper truths around evolving needs and expectations in a rapidly changing world. We recently talked to Millennials, a cohort of about 80 million Americans between the ages of 24 to almost 40. There has been significant research on this generational group, but how are they really feeling now? Our topline insights (below) give a glimpse of what may be on their minds as we continue living with COVID-19 and what organizations can do to stay engaged with them and address their needs and concerns. Reach out to Desirée García-Torres for more information on our conversations with Millennials, or to discuss any other target consumer

Consumer Conversations 1: Parenting During Covid-19

Recently, we began a series of in-depth, online discussions across a variety of cohorts to seek deeper truths about how COVID-19 is affecting people’s lives and uncover ways organizations can begin now to address changing needs. The first consumers we talked to were mothers of young children, a group feeling particularly stressed, especially if they are also first-time moms. A topline summary of the work (below) provides insights into what is on their minds today and how important it will be to stay engaged with them. How you innovate new products and services to help, or simply how you communicate with them, should align with their journey as they move forward. Please reach out to to elaine

Virtual Innovation in the Time of COVID and Beyond

As we all continue to get used to our new reality, we are finding ways to help our clients solve problems and move their businesses forward. Recently, our team at GrowthWorks completely reimagined and transitioned a scheduled in-person ideation to online – quickly and creatively – allowing the client to continue with critical work. The good news is consumer research, ideation, and co-creation don’t need to wait. Online approaches are available and highly effective, as the results of the case study below illustrate. Give us a call if you would like to discuss how we can help you maintain your own business momentum.


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