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Making it in Michigan – The Success of LiveSmart

GLGW congratulates the Michiganders who were inspired by their active lifestyles to create the wholesome LiveSmart nutrition bar. Read about their story from the MSU Product Center below!

For the mother and daughter duo Maggie and Violet that crafted the first LiveSmart bar at home, all of the energy bars that complemented their active lifestyles always seemed too complicated. They were looking for wholesome ingredients in bars and options for their friends and families with allergies and dietary restrictions.The concept of a whole food bar that used all-natural, raw ingredients to fuel their family seemed too easy not to try, and LiveSmart was born. They have grown since their kitchen conception, but the spirit of simplicity still rings true. LiveSmart Simply Smart bars are certified gluten-free, Non-GMO Project Verified, and all of their products are made without nuts, soy, wheat, dairy, trans fats, preservatives and refined sugars to suit any diet or allergy concerns–even raw and vegan.

The Simply Smart bars come in four flavors including Awesome Chocolate, Cranberry Pumpkin Seed, Fruit and Nut and Flax Essentials.

Headquartered in Oak Park, MI, the Simply Smart product line is now available at natural grocery stores and specialty retailers nationwide.