• Phil Roos

Practice What You Preach

If you have been following my blog, Phil’s Corner, then you have been on a journey with me as I explored “purpose” in the following ways thus far:

Of the five dynamics I set out to explore, purpose will be the most robustly covered topic given that it serves as the foundation for all of the others. And, I started with purpose to give it the focus it deserves, while laying the groundwork for the role and impact it will have on our explorations of the four remaining dynamics:

  1. The marriage of global and local in all that is good

  2. The central role the environment, health, and wellness play in everyday life and in our future

  3. The role of technology in driving accelerated opportunity and human evolution

  4. The emergence of a new breed of humans (aka consumers or customers)

But, before I fully transition to the exploration of the remaining dynamics, I want to share how writing this blog has continually helped me – and the firm – to solidify our purpose and our focus.

By letting our vision to inspire growth for organizations making a positive impact on the world guide us, it has become increasingly clear that a major focus of our work is around healthy, sustainable, and craft / artisan products and services, which includes innovation in the area of local, organic/natural, and the cutting-edge of consumer health offerings. These areas are a personal passion for me (and others at the firm), but we also recognize that – given our team’s passions and expertise – we can be a key facilitator that helps to intersect the worlds of large, established organizations with smaller, emerging brands who all focus on delivering healthy, sustainable, and artisan / craft products and services to the market.

Specifically, we bring together these two worlds by helping large companies with innovation and growth strategies in parallel with our efforts to incubate and accelerate growth for emerging companies with a shared strong passion and future growth potential.

Lastly, we are focusing in this area because we believe that this is where growth is happening in the market and in our society and this is a key part of the transition to the new (post-carbon) economy I have covered in previous blog posts.

Fueled and inspired by this new realization and the development of a more clearly defined purpose to help guide us into the future of Great Lakes GrowthWorks, I am excited to explore each of the remaining dynamics with you. I will continue giving you an overview of what each means to me and to the market today. I will also identify how each one further supports the direction our organization is moving towards.

In the coming week I will explore the marriage of global and local in this market and new economy – as this dynamic closely aligns to the mutually beneficial relationship our shared business model will enable for both established organizations with global reach and emerging companies, many of whom are in our own backyard.