• Great Lakes GrowthWorks

Bringing Foresight and Empathy to Baby Gear

When 4moms®, the makers of innovative baby gear, reached out to us to help them develop disruptive innovation, we quickly realized we had a high bar to reach and exceed. The company was already making award-winning, dramatically better juvenile products by revolutionizing how technology and design were infused into both the process and the end result. Our approach was to look at this as an exploration – to dig much deeper into the mindset of parents and into the spaces where 4moms could expand – to open up new worlds of opportunity.

One of the most important things we did was bring a blend of foresight and empathy to the project. We needed to see where the juvenile market might go, what disruption would impact it, and how 4moms could leverage those changes. But equally critical was putting the consumer front and center….to fully understand the journey they are on as parents. The intersection of foresight and empathy gave us amazingly fertile territory to develop a wide range of ideas that formed the basis for disruptive innovation for 4moms.

We loved doing this work. It was challenging, thought-provoking, inspiring, and complex.

The client loved the results and appreciated that we:

“...distill truths from insane complexity.”
“...get the core of what someone is thinking or feeling, even if it’s not articulated well or even directly said.”
"...get the best out of everyone creatively.”
"...are wicked smart."

The compliments are gratifying, but the real win will be when 4moms brings successful products to market that serve people in new and different ways. Stay tuned!